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Places of Worship

Where can hearing loops be used?

The goal of the Sound Investment initiative is to make the sounds through public address and amplified systems readily accessible to those that wear hearing assistive devices.


Uses such as bank teller windows, reception desks, ticket windows, pharmacies and other similar locations can benefit fro a hearing loop system. There is no need to wire the room, a loop sits in sign or placard on the counter and transmits the sound signal directly to the hearing instruments.

How can you promote hearing Loops?

Theatre's,Airports, Auditoriums, Taxis..ANYWHERE!

  • Hearing Loops are important to the community and business-are you making the most of yours? Are you making sure your customers or clients know about your hearing loops and are using it?
  • Have you thought about advertising your hearing loop? Raising your organization's profile can do no harm, but can do a lot of good!
  • Inform your local Hearing Loss Association or Setoma Group about your hearing loop-these organizations promote awareness of hearing loops

Adult Homes

Sertoma Clubs Get "In the Loop" WITH SOUND INVESTMENT InitiAve

Don't Let your customers walk away without hearing what you said!

Banks, Reception,Ticket Windows,Pharmacies

Hearing Loops will help your hearing challenged members once again join in and prevent some from giving up on attending due to the inability to hear.

Keep your Resident's "In the Loop"..don't let them withdraw from social interaction...

Like other Americans, people with hearing impairment make purchase and commercial decisions everyday!

It therefore makes sense to attract their business. One way of doing this is by making your business more attractive to people with a hearing impairment.

Installing a hearing loop and advertising it's existence can do this and set you apart from your competition

Let's Loop Nashville!